Adam Reňak

I am a Computer Science student at the Technical University of Košice. Check out my side-projects below.




"Košice, SK"



"1st year of a Computer Networks Program - Technical University of Košice"


["Python", "Java", "C", "html", "css", "WooCommerce", "Pascal"]


Website Portfolio

This project is a portfolio of all my created websites. It was my first experience working with HTML and CSS. I programmed it completely from scratch, and I ended up learning a lot about layout and site structure.

HTML CSS Front-End Design

Simple Games in C.

As part of learning the C language, I created several simple games where I learned and got acquainted with the basics of programming. I learned the basics as variables, how to work with arrays, how pointers work, or modulated programming.


WooCommerce Shop

E-shop created via CMS Wordpress and WooCommerce module. It is a simple and clean design where the products are clearly arranged. This style of e-shop is more suitable for smaller businesses.

WordPress WooCommerce